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An introduction to my writing.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, just not a public passion.

I've been travelling for almost two years now (through India and Nepal) and on this journey I've kept a journal, with my thoughts, feelings, picture cut outs, newspaper clippings; anything that inspires, challenges or motivates me, goes in.

It is my most prized possession and if I were to lose it, I'd be devastated. To a stranger, it would mean nothing, but to me, its my story. It reminds me what I've managed to conquer, on a bad day it will lift me up, on a lonely day provide me with a giggle or with a friend reminiscence about the amazing experiences I've been fortunate to see.

A friend recently inspired me with her blog, and suggested I start publishing my work. A kind of "behind the scenes" to what I'm observing and creating. So welcome to my experiences, perspectives and stories.

I invite you to discover a bit of the world with me.

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