© Natalia Atkins


Natalia Atkins is a filmmaker and photographer from London, with a passion for making documentaries. 


She makes films that have a powerful impact, like her short film revealing the extent of human trafficking across the Nepal/India border. 


Her work showcases unique voices and aims to challenge stereotypes, such as her film about a transgender woman who opened Kathmandu's first LGBTI-friendly bar. 


A keen traveller, Natalia recently spent 18 months exploring India and Nepal, working with NGOs and production companies. 


She has a broad range of experience producing commissioned photography and films for factual TV, NGO's, fashion and corporate clients such as Alzheimer's Society, Macmillan's Nurses, Royal Academy of Art, London Fashion Week and HSBC.

Natalia is currently based in London and keen for new opportunities - if you want to work with her, or collaborate on a project, get in touch at nataliaatkins@yahoo.co.uk